ALE Outreach Brainstorm Mtg., Sat. 3/28/2009, 1pm at Twains Tavern

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Recognizing the desire of many of our members to revitalize
our ALE users group and improve our organization’s visibility,
services and outreach, we have scheduled an organizational
and outreach brainstorming meeting for

Saturday, March 28th, 1:00pm at
Twains Billiards & Tap

211 E Trinity Pl
Decatur, GA 30030 (404) 373-0063

Google Maps URL:

This is an OPEN Invitation to participate in an OPEN Discussion
and volunteer your support for ideas in promoting OPEN Source
Software and GNU Linux throughout our local community, city
and State regions.

Since anyone who participates in an ALE meeting is welcomed
as a member of the group, anyone is welcome to participate,
though the members who can participate as actively involved
volunteers will be the most welcome!

Some of the topics already on the agenda include ways to
improve cooperation and coordination with other OSS groups
in Georgia and the Southeast, expanding and better utilizing
our online facilities, finishing a deliverable OSPREX package
and providing better new user installation and information
support with small, regional “Linux Clinux” offerings.

We hope everyone interested in participating can be there in
person, but if you are unable to attend the meeting and have
ideas or information you want to share, please contact me by
email or phone before Saturday:

Aaron Ruscetta
ALE Event Coordinator (etc.)
arxaaron [at]
404.315.0406 (10a-10p any day)

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