Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts

Promoting Linux and Open Source Software Freedom in Atlanta Since 1994

About the ALE User Group

Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) is a diverse group of friendly people who enjoy the freedoms and benefits of GNU Linux Computing and Free Liberating Open Source Software technologies. The ALE Meetup Page – check the calendar there.

From novices to network administrators, from smart phones to data centers, we strive to empower every information technology user with freely distributable software and to improve every computing environment with the superior security, functionality and flexibility of Open Source Operating System solutions.

Founded in December 1994, ALE has hosted hundreds of regular monthly meetings with talk topics ranging from “The Linux Advantage in Education” to “How to Write Device Drivers”. In addition, we regularly host Linux installation events and educational forums to help others eradicate the windows disease of the world by introducing them to the secure, user empowering freedom of GNU Linux and Free Liberating Open Source Software.

The ALE group is loosely structured with a few dedicated volunteers filling any needed administrative and resource support roles. There is no charter and no board. There are no membership fees or other superfluous formalities. Anyone is welcome to participate in the group by simply showing up at any ALE meeting or event, or by subscribing to our mailing list. Our interests are purely in sharing information about Linux, Open Source and Liberating Software empowerment with the greater Atlanta community and beyond.

In addition to supporting members through web and email services, ALE holds regular monthly meetings. The “Central” meeting is usually hosted on the 3rd Thursday of each month (see directions in meeting announcement). We also host meetings and events in other areas of the greater Atlanta region as affordable venues and volunteer support allow.

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