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ALE Solstice Celebration & OSS Pecha Kucha Contest for Thurs., Dec. 18, 2008

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Our regular ALE Central Meeting venue is unavailable for the
third Thursday of December, so we found this a great excuse to combine
short form ALE presentations with some ALE tasting at our first ever…

ALE Solstice Celebration

& OSS Pecha Kucha Contest

Thursday, December 18th, 7:30pm to 11:30pm
at the Emory area facilities of
Railroad Earth
1467 Oxford Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

SEE MAP HERE. See Location Details* below for more.

The ALE Solstice Celebration:
Our December meeting will be an open social event where we can
all relax, have fun, chat and get to better know our fellow Linux
enthusiasts. All friends and family are welcome and there is an open
invitation for anyone who is interested in learning more about Linux
and GPL Open Source Software in a casual setting. Provided
refreshments will be limited, so guest contributions of snacks and
beverages, adult and otherwise, will be welcome. Coolers, ice and
utensils will all be available.

The OSS Pecha Kucha Contest:
As topical entertainment for the evening everyone is invited
participate in our Geek version of a Karaoke contest and provide
a (modified) Pecha Kucha style presentation on a Linux or Open
Source related topic. Presenters will be alloted 10 minutes at
the microphone and 20 computer slides** to fully enlighten the
audience with every single item of information there is to know
about their Open Source related topic. After all the Pecha Kucha
performers are done, the audience will select their favorite and
the winner will receive a copy of the recently published
Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible,
rated as 10 of 10, 5 Star, “Top Stuff” by Linux Format magazine.
(Pecha Kucha participants should also see AV Support** notes below.)

Additional Festivities:
The RRE facilities include a full audio recording studio (with two pianos,
a few guitar amps, a PA, an analog synth, a trap kit and various hand
drums and percussion toys), so jamming and drum circles can be enjoyed
in the later half of the evening. There is also a large, private back yard
with a fire pit, so weather and firewood supplies allowing, an outdoor
warming fire may add “s’more” to the festivities and Solstice sacrifices
of SUSE swag may also be offered to the flames.


* Location Details:
The RRE facility is a large stone front house that is located a block West of
Emory law School and a few doors down Oxford Road from Everybody’s
Pizza, Domino’s delivery station and the Saba restaurant. Street parking
on the curbs is acceptable, and there is an adjacent paved lot where
parking in spaces not reserved for Saba is allowed. Google maps has
some good views of the street where you can see what’s what before
you get there.

** AV Support:
A VGA RGB data projector, a microphone and sound system connection
(1/8″ mini stereo) will be provided for Pecha Kucha presenters. A Linux
laptop with Ubuntu 8.04 install and a Mac G4 iBook (with DVD player) will
also be available to support slide shows compatibly formated as OOo Impress
presentations or as a series of jpg, png or pdf files. Up to 2 minutes of DVD
video clips will be allowed in exchange of some of the computer slides at a
ratio of trading 1 slide for every 10 seconds of video.


Questions or offers to provide an ALE meeting presentation
should be directed to Aaron@pd.org // 404.315.0406