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Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) is a diverse group of friendly people who enjoy the freedoms and benefits of GNU Linux Computing and Free Liberating Open Source Software technologies. From novices to network administrators, from smart phones to data centers, we strive to empower every information technology user with freely distributable software and to improve every computing environment with the superior security, functionality and flexibility of Open Source Operating System solutions. -- more about ALE --
For information about upcoming weekly and monthly meetings, please check the ALE Meetup Group Calendar. We do not, and never will, require anyone to sign up with Meetup (or any other service) to attend any of our meetings; we only use it as an additional platform to connect with others in the local Atlanta area who are also interested in Linux.

The 2007 Ubuntu Linux Install Fest & Forum

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Is your VIEW of the internet OBSCURED by BROKEN WINDOWS?
Are your private files and records TRAPPED in the endless cycle of
where your PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY is heading?

Are you READY for the FREEDOM of OPEN computing?

Discover the world of Free and Functional alternatives
in Personal Computer technology at

The Ubuntu Linux Install Fest & Forum

A public contribution of Free Software, Free Technical
Assistance and Free Information from the Open Source
technology professionals of Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
and Ubuntu-Georgia

Saturday, November 10th, 9:00am to 5:00pm
at Emory Law School Gambrell Hall, Room 5e
[ Directions to Gambrell Hall ]

— Over the past 3 years the Ubuntu GNU Linux Desktop has become one of
the most popular and broadly used Open Computing Environments in the
world. To promote the recent release of Ubuntu “Gutsy Gibbon” (vers. 7.10),
ALE has teamed up with Ubuntu Georgia for the Ubuntu Install Fest and
Forum to raise public awareness of Open Source Software Freedom.
— Copies of the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Live Install CD will be available
to anyone who visits the Install Fest & Forum and in advance of the event
at several locations. Live CD’s can also be ordered, requested or downloaded
and burned at Ubuntu.com/getUbuntu
— Anyone can safely boot their AMD/Intel PC or Mac with an Ubuntu Live Install
CD to freely explore the free Linux Desktop environment and the dozens of free
programs that are included.
— Demonstrations of the free Ubuntu Desktop and major Open Source software
packages will be offered at the Install Fest and Forum. Several demo systems
will will be provided for learning and exploration.
— When people who try the Live CD like what they find , a full installation to the
system hard drive is a simple click on a desktop icon.
— Linux & Ubuntu installation experts will be hand to assist with any questions
or quirks. Monitors, mice, keyboards and cables will be available so that all
you need bring is your computer. Existing Operating System and files can easily
be retained, so you don’t have to burn any bridges to get a taste of GNU Linux
Freedom! A list of recommended preparations prior to installation can be found HERE.
–To help you share your newly installed free software freedom, official Ubuntu
case markers and stickers will be available.
— Light refreshments will be available throughout the day and lunch will be
available for a modest contribution.
— Ubuntu Install Fest information is also available at…
— To learn more about Ubuntu GNU Linux and the
Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 release, please visit…

For any additional information needs, please contact:
Aaron Ruscetta, 404.315.0406

ALE Central Mtg. for Thurs., Nov. 8, 2007

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Our feature presentation for the
Thursday, November 8, 2007
ALE Central Meeting will be

Extreme Practical Data Recovery

presented by Michael Warfield

— It’s happened to so many of us. What we dread has come to happen. A
drive has gone bad and precious data is now beyond our reach. A
controller reports drive errors and commands are failing, or worse.
Then we are reminded of all those resolves to do backups. All too late.
But all is not lost. Even with a failed drive, often the vast majority
of the data can be recovered. But drive recovery specialists are
expensive and it’s easy to make a mistake that looses even more data.
This talk will look at some data recovery technique to maximize your
chance of recovering the most data from a failing or failed drive and
knowing when you’ve gotten all you can, while minimizing the chances of
making things worse or wasting time, money, and effort on a failed

— Michael Warfield is a Senior Researcher and Analyst for the X-Force
Managed Security Services of IBM Internet Security Systems.
— With computer security experience dating back to the early 1970s and
Unix experience dating back to the early 1980s, Mike is responsible for
doing research into security vulnerabilities and intrusion protection
techniques for IBM-ISS X-Force.
— Prior to joining ISS, now IBM-ISS, Mike has held positions such as, a
Unix systems engineer, Unix consultant, security consultant and network
administrator on the Internet. He is one of the resident Unix gurus at
the Atlanta UNIX Users Group and is one of the founding members of the
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts. He is also an active member of the Samba
development team and is a contributor to the Linux Kernel and numerous
Open Source Software projects. Mike has published articles on both
Samba and on Security and is a respected cryptographer in the Open
Source community.
(-: ed note: Michael’s career info is a five time winner of
ALE’s “Most Intimidating Member Bio” award. :-)
Meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School can be found
HERE (or via the side bar link).