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Promoting Linux and Open Source Software Freedom in Atlanta Since 1994
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) is a diverse group of friendly people who enjoy the freedoms and benefits of GNU Linux Computing and Free Liberating Open Source Software technologies. From novices to network administrators, from smart phones to data centers, we strive to empower every information technology user with freely distributable software and to improve every computing environment with the superior security, functionality and flexibility of Open Source Operating System solutions. -- more about ALE --
For information about upcoming weekly and monthly meetings, please check the ALE Meetup Group Calendar. We do not, and never will, require anyone to sign up with Meetup (or any other service) to attend any of our meetings; we only use it as an additional platform to connect with others in the local Atlanta area who are also interested in Linux.

ALE July 30 cookout meeting

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July 30 starting around 4pm

Bring something to grill and the family (kids very welcome). I’ll (JimK) be making some sides. Adult beverages with responsibility are certainly welcome. Note the preponderance of “beer snobs” in ALE these days – so that Bud Light you were thinking about bringing will go home with you afterwards.

Note: my house is also inhabited by 4 cats. If you have allergies, you’ve been warned.

Email Jim Kinney off list for the address.

ALE merging with GA-400 Linux meetups

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Things are moving along on this. I (Jim Kinney) became the official organizer of the GA-400 site about a week ago. The folks at Meetup.com have been very helpful in the transition.

Some stuff that’s needed is a new banner. The old ALE banner is looking dated. Maybe it’s time to generate a new one – 960x160px. Got an offer to help from Jason (THANKS!!) so between the two of us we may have some to look in a a short time.

JD has been a huge help in wrangling/hijacking helping make this merger happen :-)  Ever few days now I get a phone call or email from a new person looking at ALE because of the GA 400 group pointing them our way.

As soon as we figure out how, we will setup some sub groups to accommodate the growing distance between meeting – central, top-end, NW and now Southside. YAY!

Return of ALE Northeast Meetings Postponed

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Due to schedule demands on the moderator and some red tape delays in securing a meeting room the August 7th, 2008 ALE Northeast meeting has been canceled.

Our apologies for any inconvenience, but we do expect to resume the regular First Thursday schedule of ALE Northeast meetings beginning with September 4th, 2008.

ALE NorthEast Mtg. for Thurs., May 1, 2008

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The feature presentation for the ALE Northeast Meeting
of May 1, 2008, 7:30pm (* in the new room # noted below)
will be:

An introduction to TLS, OpenSSL,
and X.509 Certificates

presented by Stephen Cristol

— What do you do when an install-script-generated,
self-signed X.509 certificate expires? The X.509 certificate
will be an organizing theme to talk about an assortment of
topics ranging from the history of secure socket layer to
privacy enhanced mail (PEM) file formats. By the end of
the talk, you should know how to replace an expired
certificate. You should also have a better understanding
of how secure connections work.

— Stephen is an Editor of the open access journal Molecular
Vision (molvis.org). He began his Linux journey in 2000
with Red Hat 6.1. The journey continues today with CentOS
4.6 and 5.1.

(mayday, mayday, mayday)
Classroom C-1130 (C Building)
Georgia Gwinnett College
1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Parking and C Building Virtual Map are HERE

You are welcome to park in any UNMARKED (Student) parking
spaces on campus. Parking in the spaces marked visitor may or
may not yield a ticket.

We will be meeting in C-1130 this month, and I am currently
working out the details for later months’ meetings. Hopefully
we can be assigned a regular room that fits us well.

Unlike the previous meeting space, you CAN bring food and
drink to this classroom!


for Thursday, April 3, 2008

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The ALE North East meeting presentation
for Thursday, April 3rd will be
“Instant Supercomputer: Just add Linux!”
presented by
Vernard Martin

As the popularity of computing clusters increase, so do the number of
clusters running Linux. Vernard will relate his experience with how
Linux fits in these environments.

Vernard Martin is a founding member of ALE and a Senior Problem
Wrangler for the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University
where he runs their high performance computational environment. He has
been using Linux longer than any sane human being would care to admit.
He lives right outside Atlanta, GA with with his cat Lieutenant and of
course, his own baby cluster.

The ALE North East meetings are held at 7:30pm on the First Thursday
of each month and are hosted at Georgia Gwinnett College, Building C,
room C-1260. Map links and directions to Georgia Gwinnett College location
are posted at the side bar link.

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