An Open Source Info & Install Event
of Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts

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Whether it’s internet browsers, media players, email clients, writing tools or complete, compatible office productivity suites, Linux and GNU Open Source software are meeting the professional, educational and personal computing needs of millions of people all over the world every day.

Learn how you, too, can liberate your digital information from its proprietary prison. At the GNU COMPUTER FREEDOM FEST, we prove that you don’t have to be a tech head to escape the frustrations of those “Microsoft Moments”. Learn how to liberate your computer creativity with the latest in secure, easy to use, free (as in beer), free (as in speech), high quality GNU Open Source software programs and Linux Xwindow environments for all of your home, school, office and internet applications.

There will be dozens of free CD’s full of GNU software and various Linux distributions** given away at the event, and as a further incentive, we will be giving away a complete*, pre-installed, Linux desktop system (with the hope that it will be won by a starving student or similarly needy GNU Linux newbie).

But whether you come to the GNU COMPUTER FREEDOM FEST to grab the freebies, to help, to learn, to teach, to solve a technical problem or to have a Linux OS** or other GNU software installed on your system, please come prepared to have some fun with computing again!

Saturday, November 5, 9:30am to 5:00pm
Emory University School of Law,
Agnor Room — 3rd floor

(See ALE Central Meeting Directions for maps and parking info)

* Donated computer system will be a 300-600 mhz x86 CPU, min 128 meg
memory, 17″ monitor, keyboard, mouse, cdrom; approx. value ~$280.

** Those interested in having a Linux distribution installed at the GNU
Freedom Fest event, as well as any volunteers offering installation help,
are asked to please register via the REGISTER HERE link at

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