ALE CENTRAL MTG. for Thursday, Sept. 18, 7:30pm

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Our Featured Presentation for the
Thursday, Sept. 18th, 7:30pm
ALE Central meeting will be

Embedding Video Clips into Impress Presentations

a casual ALE presentation about preparing a presentation about
preparing ALE as prepared and presented by James Kinney


— Most Linux users know and use for creating documents and Impress-ive
presentations. It’s often nice to use embedded video clips as a part of those presentation,
though it’s especially nice when we can capture and prepare those video clips using all
Open Source Linux tools like Kino.
— This will be a practical demonstration of how to do this and how to avoid pitfalls in
keeping the presentation portable. These procedures were learned during the making
of the “Beer in Spaaaaace!” presentation for DragonCon 2008.
— Warning: Video clips of animated beer drinkers may offend the easily offended, though
we can assure our audience that no hops were abused in the making of this presentation
or the brew that accompanied it. Also, a possible linkage between Linux and beer may
appear if it ever compiles.

— Jim Kinney shows up at ALE meetings when harrased by Aaron and when he remembers
what day of the week it is. Currently, Jim brews beer and prefers beer over serial ports.
No, really! Once you pour the beer over the serial ports you can go have more beer ’cause
the serial ports don’t work any more. Beer over PS/2 or USB ports may be hazardous to
your health.
— Jim has also been a Linux user since 1993 (Go Slackware!) and a strong open source
evangelist ever since. He masquerades by day as a Linux admin to support his hardware
acquisition addiction. He is actively involved in working to displace the dysfunctional
computer platforms in schools as a founding member of Georgia Open Source Education
Foundation ( The group works with community groups such as Boys and Girls
Clubs of America and the Clarkston Community Center to set up Linux thin client systems
to support these groups need for reliable, low cost computing platforms for social support.

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We will be meeting in our usual Gambrel Hall room 1C venue.
Meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School can be found
HERE (or via the side bar link).

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