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As you are probably aware, the mailing list is
currently down and has been for more than a week. Word
is that the mailman user files are in need of a complete
rebuild and, due to other problems with the server, our
current system administrator has not had time to resolve
the mailing list issues.

Just prior to the recent list problems our long time system
administrator and hosting provider, ALE founding member
Chris Farris, had asked for new volunteers and contributors
to take on the hosting and administration of and ALE server
as he could no longer contribute the time and resources to
continue doing the job himself. Several members have
volunteered to share the group’s admin duties and an ALE
member who is a partner in Xilogix has offered
to donate new site hosting services.

We expect to be migrating the ALE site and mailing lists
to the new Xilogix server and hosting facilities over the
coming week of February 11 to 16, and getting the mailing
list back on line will be a priority.

For an interim mailing list solution (that will subsequently
be used as a list archive) ALE members can sign up on the
Atlanta-Linux-Enthusiasts list that has been set up with
Google Groups.

Apologies for the repair delays and any inconvenience they
may be causing. Thanks to the contributions of our volunteers,
both past and present, the regular ALE mailing list discussions
should be resuming shortly.

Aaron Ruscetta
Volunteer Event Coordinator,
Associate Site Manager,
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts

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