ALE Central Mtg. for Thurs., April 17, 2008

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Our feature presentation for the
Thursday, April 17, 2008, 7:30pm
ALE Central Meeting will be

Powerful Presentations

by Derek “Goozbach” Carter

— A properly designed presentation can be extremely powerful.
From bedtime stories as children to computer slide shows at
work, we can all recall examples of presentations that were
effective, interesting , entertaining and educational

As common fare at conferences, user group meetings and public
events, presentations are also a big part of in the Open Source
movement. Involvement in this community gives us quite a
few opportunities to present on the advantages and use of Open
Source software for both our professional colleagues and the
general public.

This talk will examine how a proper presentation is more than a
concern for keeping the audience awake. We will cover every
consideration, from preparation to handouts, computer slide
shows to no slides at all, handling “that AL guy in the second row”
to “Wowing the room.” You might even learn what a “bathroom
review” is.

This presentation on presentation was designed to be effective,
interesting , entertaining and educational, so we’re promising
you won’t be disappointed!

— Derek Carter (goozbach as his online friends know him) is active
participant in the Open Source community. Part-founder of two
Linux users groups. A former Linux instructor for Guru Labs (The
industry leader in hands-on Linux training). He has taught Linux
classes all over the United States, and the world for such companies
as Red Hat, IBM, Novell, HP, Lockheed Martin and others. Derek
has been actively using Linux as his primary OS since 1999. He’s a
certified RedHat instructor and examiner. He’s also a Star Wars
geek who has been known to dress up as obscure characters and
wait in line for the premiers.

Meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm in lecture room 1C
of the Emory Law School, Gambrell Hall building.
Directions to our Emory Law School venue can be found
HERE (or via the side bar link).

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