ALE-Central Meeting, Thurs., Oct 16, 7:30pm

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TOPIC – Systemd: Love it, hate it, it’s here!
When: 7:30p Oct 16, 2014
Where: Ask JimK – directions on left are not correct. Suggest looking through email archives.
UPDATE: See link on left for directions to ALE Central Meetings.

A general discussion of systemd with no real focus other than to dispel myths and introduce the system to those who have had it forced upon them. Q&A will be taken, of course, if there is time.

There’s not a lot to say: for most people, it’s completely under the hood. For the rest, we’ll talk a bit about all that can be done with it:
> udev
> systemd journal
> D-Bus, KD-Bus, PolicyKit
> Multi-seat
> Easy service prototyping and development
> Virtual machines as system services
> And more!

BIO – Michael B. Trausch is an independent consultant and developer performing all manner of IT services using free software, including network systems administration and programming (in many different and often disliked languages). He works from home (when everything is going well…) and devotes much of his time to parenting his kids Ben and Amelia. He is an advocate for free software, public education, and freedom in general, accepting the responsibilities that
come with it. He is also obsessed with typography and Unicode, and
drinks way too much coffee.

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