ALE-NW @ SPSU Meeting, Thurs., Aug 28, 7:30pm

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ALE-NW Meeting

This SPECIAL ALE-NW@SPSU meeting is being held THIS Thursday August 28th, 2014
at 7:30pm in room J-266 of the Atrium (J) building on the SPSU campus. This is
an open meeting. Everyone is invited, students, non-students, old and young.

Topic: Linux for Windows Users
Date: 8/28 @ 7:30p – 9:30p-ish
Where: SPSU J-266 (different from last year)
Presenter: JD
Presentation: link


* Quick ALE-NW Org Discussion
* Future Meetings / Topics
* Volunteers Needed
* Linux Explained from a Windows Perspective

Most of the meeting will be spent on the last bullet and I doubt we’ll get through the material.

What is Linux, where to get it, architecture, distros, why diff distros, DEs, Package Managers, CLI/Shell, a few useful commands, file system layout, disk layout, special files/devices, installation or LiveCD?, runlevels, multi-user considerations, and common software. Finishing up with links to get more information on the different distros.

This will all be overviews and generalizations due to the time, but will provide the why-does-linux-work-this-way answer for Windows users. If nothing else, Linux is flexible which is the greatest asset.

Hope you can make it!

JD has been a Linux user since 1993 and started performing DevOps in 1996 while leading a team of cross-platform software developers. For the last 15 yrs, he has been working as a systems, infrastructure and enterprise architect in government, manufactoring, publishing and telecom industries.

ALE-NW **usually** meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at the SPSU campus. Please mark this on your calendar as a reoccurring meeting. The group usually adjourns to the Marietta Diner after the formal meeting.
Simple Directions to ALE-NW Meetings
ALE-NW@SPSU meetings are open events and we hope you will join us! We generally meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month, but always watch the email list for specifics. Also remember that topic suggestions and presentation offers for the meetings can be emailed to [ jdp (at) algoloma (dot) com] or [griggs (dot) andy (at) gmail (dot) com]
ALE-NW works closely with the GA-400 Linux Group: Meets most Sundays to discuss Linux. Very newby friendly group.

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