ALE Central Mtg. for Thursday, June 14, 2007

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We have a special visiting guest speaker
from New York offering our ALE Central
presentation for Thursday, June 14th:

Virtual On Demand Hardware

Presented by Jamie McClelland,
ICT organizer for the USSF

There was a time when a computer was a computer and
a hard drive was a hard drive. With new technologies like
Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and Xen, that time seems
to be passing rapidly. LVM provides us with new ways to
combine physical hard drives into pools that can be easily
and dynamically allocated, re-sized, and re-allocated. Xen
allows us to run multiple instances of linux on a single server,
migrate instances from one server to another, and easily
re-allocate memory and drive space between instances.
In short – these are dramatically powerful tools for separating
what you are doing from the physical constraints of the
machines you are doing it on.

During this presentation, we will take a step-by-step tour
demonstrating how to turn one server with one hard drive
into one server with multiple virtual instances all with multiple
virtual hard drives. The demo will be carried out on a Debian
Etch system featuring lvm2, xen and xen-tools.

Jamie is a co-director of May First/People link, a unionized,
membership-based Internet hosting organization. In addition
to the expected duties of system administration, support, and
programming projects, he’s actively involved in organizing
technologists around the US Social Forum (being hosted in
Atlanta June 27 through July 1). In one capacity or
another, Jamie has spent the last eight years providing
technology support to nonprofits and activists organizations.
Prior to technology work, Jamie has worked in a variety of
organizations and movements, including Libraries for the
Future, Act Up!, and ACORN.

Meeting time is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School are at the
Central Meeting link on the side bar.

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