ALE-NW & ALE CENTRAL: GPG Keysigning Party & Solstice Social: Thurs., Dec. 12, 2013

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NOTE: For December this year we’ll be combining our
ALE CENTRAL meeting with our ALE-NW meeting (at their
usual time and place) with a GPG/PGP Key Signing party.
Then we’ll hope you’ll join us for the after party with a little
solstice season socializing at the Marietta Diner.

ALE GPG/PGP Keysigning Party
7:30pm to ~9:15pm
SPSU Campus, Atrium “J” Bldg. rm J-202,
on Thursday, December 12th.
Organized, introduced and presented by Jeremy Bouse,
with an intro covering some typical daily use cases along
with explanation of the web of trust and why we do
the keysigning events themselves,

(directions link and parking notes below)

— For those who participate, the key signing party serves to confirm
the identity of other PGP Key users by connecting them to a “key ring”
and including them in the “web of trust” needed to validate their keys,
signatures and identities in the wider world.

— Our ardent GPG enthusiast, keymaster Jeremy “Clortho” Bouse, will
present a brief GPG/PGP introduction and direct the key signing process
using the Hash Based Method as described in
Fully detailed “How To” files with shell command line examples and background
information on the process can be found at these links:

— Participation in the key signing requires advanced preparations,
including generating and verifying any new keys you want to have
signed. The official ALE Key Signing Event has been registered on
the Biglumber Key Server:
…and ALL keys that participants want to have signed must be registered
at the official Biglumber Keyring:

— The deadline for uploading your key to the Keyring is midnight,
(12:00am) on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 (In other words, any
time _before_ Wednesday, December 11).

— The final step will be to download and print out Jeremy’s FINAL key ring
text file available on THURSDAY, 2013.12.12 (the day of the signing party).
The link for that is
This link will also be announced with reminders to download on the ALE
mailing list. After downloading, fill in the checksum information for all
of the keys you have registered in the ring so you can easily confirm their

A reminder that fully detailed “How To” pages with command line examples
and background information on the process are found at these links:
If you still have questions or need clarifications AFTER reviewing all of
the instructions above, you can email Jeremy via jbouse[AT]

— For those unfamiliar with PGP or interested in learning more about the
GnuPG implentation of PGP cryptography and the value of protecting your
privacy and your identity with PGP signatures, we suggest you review our
video of David Tomaschik’s March 2011 presesntation on the topic,
“Protecting Privacy, Identity & Systems with GnuPG”
This is available for download or streaming under the file name
“ale-20110317-gpg-tomaschik.mp4” at this URL:
The video file is ~443MB as h.264 encode in an mp4 wrapper.

Southern Polytechnic State University
Room J-202 of the Atrium (J) building

For a campus map and a link to directions please see
AFTER 7:00pm there is Free Parking in non reserved
spaces of the P60 deck. Parking there before 7:00pm
may get you ticketed, booted or towed.
Building J, the Atrium building, is a short distance
directly east of the P60 parking deck.

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