ALE CENTAL MTG. for Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013 at 7:30pm

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Our ALE Central meeting for Thursday, Sept. 19 at
7:30pm will be:

over food and drink at

– For this casual meeting conversation topics involving Linux and crunchy
Open Source goodness will be welcome. We may also have some planning
discussions for a Fall Install Fest and deliberations on activity suggestions
for our regular meetings.

A Note of Apology:
– Seems I’ve been absent from the office a little too much this year and
I’m having trouble getting back in sync with my routines and commitments.
With apologies, I wasn’t planning enough ahead to arrange a formal venue
or speaker for this month’s ALE Central meeting. I am, however, promising
to do better for next month.
— Aaron Ruscetta, ALE Events Coordinator (etc)

see for directions and menu info, etc.

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