ALE Central Mtg. for Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006

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Our presentation for October 12th will be

“K12LTSP: The Enterprise”
“The Search for Docs”

presented by
James P. Kinney

The Atlanta Public Schools organization has seen the light at the
end of the tunnel. Normally, this would just mean the train is closer
than they thought. But this time it just our friend Tux whistling a
happy tune and walking down the tracks to show them a way out of
the dark cave with many twisty passages that all smell of grue.

James Kinney, CEO and Director of Engineering at Local Net Solutions,
will present a “Where Things Stand” synopsis of preparing for and
installing Linux thin clients at 7 Atlanta Public Schools elementary and
middle schools. Topics such as technical hurdles, scaling the process
and government contracting for newbies are bound to come up.

Mr. Kinney has been an unusually verbose member of ALE since
sometime around 1997 when he embarked on a process of converting
as much of Emory Universities Physics department to Linux as possible.
This led to the formation of L.U.G.E. (Linux Users Group of Emory)
with Michael Hirsch and Sara Chodrow (with whom he worked in Linux
development at a now defunct media tech startup – ZapMedia). Somewhere
along the way, James formed Local Net Solutions in an attempt to take
over the world. So far the business aspect is doing OK but the Total World
Domination is taking a bit longer than planned.

Note that James has promised to try and keep this presentation under
6 hours (unlike his most recent presentation for ALE which just let out
an hour ago).

Meeting time is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to ALE Central meetings at Emory
Law School are linked on side bar.

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