ALE-NW@SPSU MTG. — 7:30pm Thurs., January 10th, 2013

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The next ALE-NW@SPSU meeting is being held Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at
7:30pm in room 266J of the Atrium (J) building on the SPSU campus. This is the
same room as last semester. We will try something new in the format for this meeting:
a short presentation and a panel discussion.

a) Lightning Talk:
“How-To Setup Virtual Machines for Best Performance”

— This will target non-enterprise systems, suitable for small businesses and home
users. VirtualBox and KVM using virt-manager will included as time permits.
Presented by JD.

b) Discussion: “Linux Desktop Security Techniques”
— An interactive panel where the following topics will be considered:
* email
* browser and browser plugins
* firewalls
* remote access
* antivirus
* networking
* patch management
* SELinux and (whatever Ubuntu is pushing)
* Anonymous browsing
* bittorrenting and Usenet
* other topics from the audience

Orlando Karam and JD  are the confirmed panelist, but we are hoping for
other distinguished guests.

Orlando Karam was born in the US but grew up in Mexico. He got hooked up with
Unix while a grad student at Tulane University, and has been running Linux on
servers and laptops for more than 15 years. He teaches computer science at
Southern Polytechnic State University, and is starting to use AWS for research
and development.

JD  has been a Linux user since 1993 on SLS, when you needed to
be A MAN to install it. He’s been using virtual machines since 1989 on MVS,
but started on midrange virtualization in 2000 with VMware Workstation and
Sun Microsystems Domains. The last 5 years, he has use almost every type of
virtualization available on Linux in production environments (VMware Player,
ESX, ESXi, Xen, KVM, and VirtualBox). He also enjoys running his main Linux
desktop, a virtual machine, from a private cloud that any computing device
supporting NX clients can access.

For a campus map and a link to directions please see
Parking in non reserved spaces in the P60 deck is best.
Building J, the Atrium building, is a short distance east
of the parking deck.
ALE-NW@SPSU meetings are open events and we hope
you will join us! Also remember that topic suggestions
and presentation offers the meetings can be emailed to
[ jdp (at) algoloma (dot) com]

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