ALE Central Mtg. for July 13, 2006

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With apologies, we were not able to arrange a formal
presentation for the July ALE Central Meeting.

As an alternative, we are offering a more socially
minded informal event, which is to have a casual ALE
gathering with ALE tasting and free form Linux type
discussions at:

2500 North Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033

Melton’s is exactly 6 stop lights (and about 2 miles) East
of our usual Emory Law School venue. It is at the corner
of Scott Blvd. and North Decatur roads, next door to a Pet
Supermarket store.

( is your friend.)

Melton’s has an broad selection of brews and some
unique, reasonably priced edible offerings for both
appetizers and dinners. (Consider Irish Nachos for

As always, if you have a Linux presentation offering,
contact or idea to share, please get in touch with:
Aaron Ruscetta
or Charles Shapiro .

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