ALE-NorthWest First Post! and Directions

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The Northwest ALE meeting will be held at the offices of The Weather Channel in the Windy Hill area.

Address: 300 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339

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There is plenty of parking throughout the lot, feel free to park anywhere that is not marked as “reserved”.

The offices of The Weather Channel are under high security. As such, we will need to meet in the lobby and sign in. I have spoken with our security officer, and he is looking for an attendee list only, so he is comfortable with a number entering and leaving, and what their name is.

We will need to gather as a group in the lobby, and I will escort everyone to the meeting area. If there are any late arrivals, just let the guard know you are there for the meeting, and I will be paged to come and get you.

Similarly, after some amount of “hobnobbing”, we will need to leave as a group. There are many restaurants & bars in the area to continue conversations at, and I for one wholeheartedly endorse doing so…I’m sure we’ll be hungry by then.

The reservation for the room is “7:30 – 9:00” but I am told we can stay later if conversation/lecture requires it. I will be staying after work, so I will be there if you arrive early, however the group will need to enter together, so come around 7:15 – 7:30 for convenience’s sake.

I have no idea. :)
If we are still without topic right now, I can give a brief presentation about how we employ Linux at TWCi, but it would be a broad, general overview. Please be thinking about presenting if you have a topic to share. To make the ALE< =>Twci relationship successful, we need to keep the talks interesting, lively, and profitable.

We are in the 6th floor corporate conference room. It has a full wall-sized screen and several LCD panels around the room. It is run by a PC/LCD projector combo that I will be obtaining information about using. More specifically, I will be inquiring about putting a Mac or Linux system on the projector instead, that we might be able to demonstrate straight for our platform of topic.

I am also meeting this week with the network infrastructure manager. As of right now, we are going to have some sort of access. Wired access will be easy. I have also requested a wireless connection, and should have information regarding that request soon.

I’m told there’ll be some lite snacks available in the meeting room.

More information as it becomes available.

Jerald M. Sheets
Systems Administrator
The Weather Channel Interactive.

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