ALE Central Mtg. for April 13, 2006

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The feature presentation for ALE’s
April 13, 2006 Central Meeting will be

“MythTV for the Common Man for $300”

with Mike Harrison and Jesse Guardiani

MythTV is a home-brew, Linux based PVR (Personal
Video Recorder), conceptually similar to TiVo.
The MythTV project, created by Isaac Richards and
extensively documented by Robert Kulagowski, is
comprisied of a suite of Open Source, GPL programs and
has been under heavy development for almost four years.
The current MythTV package is now quite stable and
capable. An abbrevieated list of MythTV features includes:
— Basic ‘live-tv’ functionality with
Pause/Fast Forward/Rewind of “live” TV.
— Support for multiple tuner cards and multiple
simultaneous recordings.
— Distributed architecture allowing multiple recording
machines and multiple playback machines on a network
— Compresses video in software using rtjpeg or mpeg4,
plus supports hardware MPEG-2 (PVR-250 / PVR-350)
— Completely automatic commercial detection/skipping
— Grabs program information using xmltv.
( complete feature list and screen shots at )

— Mike Harrison is biomedical engineer turned
programmer/geek. He built and operated the
regions first Internet Service Provider from
1994 until 2003, and now operates GeekLabs,
a small programming and services company in
Chattanooga TN.
— Jesse Guardiani, Professional Programmer and
Sys Admin. Sys Admin for a small town ISP from
2002 – 2005. Professional PHP programmer in
Chattanooga TN from 2005 – current. Avid Linux,
MythTV, hardware, and gaming enthusiast.

Meeting time is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School are at the
Central Meeting link on the side bar.

Note that there will be a follow up for this
featured topic and an opportunity to get
assistance building your own MythTV
PVR system at the “MythTV Build In”
(full notice & details below)

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