ALE-CENTAL MTG. for Thurs., Jan. 26, 7:30pm

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No rooms were available to accommodate our regular third
Thursday meeting schedule, so we have moved the meeting
date to Thursday, January 26th.

Due to a large fundraiser party event being held outside our
usual room on the 26th, we will be using a different room:
7:30pm at Emory Law School, Gambrel Hall, Room 5E.

Please use the free parking deck adjacent to the
Law School building. The deck entrance is on the EAST END
off of Gambrel Drive, the farthest side from the Law School entrance.
See detail map at:

Our featured presentation will be a reprise of the popular
talk offered at the Jan. 12 meeting of ALE-NW@SPSU:

Network and Systems Management
with OpenNMS

presented by Jeff Gehlbach

— Whether your organization’s network has a dozen nodes or twelve-thousand, it
sucks when some of those nodes go down or have performance problems. A whole
discipline of network and systems management has evolved to deal with this
problem, resulting in many software platforms both free and proprietary aiming
to solve it. One of these, OpenNMS (Open Network Management System), brings a
100% free and Open Source software approach with massive scalability as its key
operational goal. This talk will present a gentle introduction to network
management concepts along with a tour of OpenNMS’ architecture and, provided the
stars align, a live demo!

— Jeff Gehlbach discovered Linux in 1994 when a friend shared with him a box
of floppies containing Slackware 2.3, and has been hooked ever since. He has
subsequently worked as a network engineer, Solaris and Linux systems admin,
network management consultant, and network management software developer
among others. Today he pays the bills by helping organizations manage their
networks and systems using free software including OpenNMS.

Our ALE Central meetings are usually held at Emory
Law School in the Gambrel Hall lecture room 1C.
Our meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School can be found at

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