Great Participation at GNU Freedom Fest

Filed at 2:31 am November 8, 2005 under by Ruscetta

Thanks to all who attended and made our GNU Freedom Fest
Info & Install day such a great event!

I know we can count at least half dozen newbies that we aided
with distro installs, problem solving or detailed Linux info. We
even helped a fellow from Texas lasso his laptop challenges:

“I want to thank ALE for all the help I received on Saturday
at the Freedom Fest. Everyone was very helpful and stuck
with me for HOURS working through partitioning problems,
dual boot problems, permissions problems and display drivers
problems. It would have been hard for me to figure all that
out by myself. I even got some great swag!”
– Bradley
(The guy from Dallas with the HP laptop
with Ubuntu Breezy and XP dual boot.)

As with all our ALE Install Fests of the past few years, special
thanks go to Harold Bieber for arranging the great space,
supplying the power strips & network connections and
collecting all the Linux books for door prizes. (With the help
of his Ximian web monkey, of course.)

Special thanks also go out to Bob Stevens and Trey Sizemore
for their help with SUSE installations, the Novell Linux Desktop
distro packages and the great Novell and SUSE hat swag!

So hey… lets do this again sometime in the Spring! :-)

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