ALE CENTRAL MTG. for Thursday, Feb. 18th, 2010

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The feature presentation at the ALE Central Meeting
for 7:30pm on Thursday, Feb. 18th, 2010 will be:

Native Linux Virtualization:
An Overview of KVM Installation and Management

with Damon Chesser

— An overview of the Kernel Virtual Machine with consideration of the
advantages and disadvantages compared to technologies like Xen. The
talk will cover basic installation and configuration, then look at several
KVM management and monitoring tools including virt-manager, virsh,
oVirt and Proxmox VE.

— Damon’s career has been nothing if not diverse. Formally, he has
worked as (in order) a Navy Electronics Tech, a Self Employed Window
Cleaner, a Furniture mover, and a Furniture Sales Man. Then one day he
woke up and decided to be a computer tech. As his wife, a commercial
programmer, would not let him run any unlicensed software, so he turned
to the freedom of Open Source and learned Linux. As a self taught
computer aficionado, he made a career out of being a drop in support
tech. Along the way, he was hired by Dell to be an Enterprise Support
Analyst and opened up the support center in OKC. While there he
became a founding member of the “Alt OS Queue”, Dell-Speak for
anything NOT Windows, including VMware products. After moving to the
Atlanta area to be close to his wife’s family, he connected with a startup
company that allowed him to experiment with Linux virtualization.
He rolled out a few new product offerings based off of KVM, but due
to poor structuring, the company did not survive. He is currently
weighing his options for continuing to work professionally in Linux:
“I always look at technology from a practical view: Yes, that’s cool,
but what can it do for me?”

We will be meeting at Emory Law School in our
usual Gambrel Hall, room 1C venue.
Meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School can be found
via the side bar link.

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