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Our Featured Fun for the 7:30pm ALE CENTRAL MTG.
on Thursday, December 17, 2009, at the (usual) Emory
School of Law, Gambrel Hall, room 1C venue is

The Second Annual ALE Solstice Celebration
& GNU Pecha Kucha Contest

An ALE Solstice Celebration:
— This year’s December ALE Central Meeting will be an Open Social
event with ample time for chat and cheers with fellow Linux
enthusiasts. All Bad Puns, Geek Toys, Robots, Friends and Family
are welcome, with a special encouragement to invite anyone who
may be interested in learning more about Linux and GPL Open
Source Software in a casual setting. Opportunities for informal
Geek Gadget show and tell talks are also part of the plans.
— Provided refreshments may be limited, so guest contributions
of snacks and beverages will be welcome. Coolers, Ice and Cups
be on hand, with the possibility of an abundance of SWAG.

Plus a GNU OSS Pecha Kucha Contest:
— As topical entertainment for the evening everyone is encouraged
to participate in our Geek version of a Karaoke contest and provide
a (modified) Pecha Kucha style presentation on a Linux or Open
Source related topic (with the understanding that the relationship
to Open Source is Open to personal interpretation).
– In the ALE adaptation of the Pecha Kucha model, presenters are
allotted 10 minutes at the microphone and up to 20 computer slides
or mixed media elements in order to fully enlighten the audience
with absolutely all the salient information there is to know about their
Open Source related topic. After all the Pecha Kucha presenters
are done, the audience will select the winning presentation of the
evening and an appropriate prize will be awarded.
— Anyone planning to participate in the Pecha Kucha contest is
asked to please inform the Event Planner of this via email to
arxaaron They should also see AV Support**
notes below.

We will be meeting at Emory Law School in our usual
Gambrel Hall, room 1C venue. Meeting time frame is
7:30pm to ~9:30pm Directions to Emory Law School
can be found [here]
— Festivities may continue post meeting with a
Solstice drum circle, a warming fire, and similarly
interesting activities at the nearby Railroad Earth
Studios facilities.

** AV Support:
A VGA RGB data projector, an amplified microphone and a sound system
connection (1/8″ mini stereo) will be provided for Pecha Kucha presenters.
A Linux laptop (single screen) with Ubuntu 9.04 installed and a Mac G4
iBook (with DVD player and support for most media file formats) will also
be available. Computer Slides should be compatibly formatted in OOo
Impress presentation format or as a series of jpg, png or pdf files. There
is also a document camera for displaying hard copy items or smallish
physical objects like Geek Gadgets.

All offers to provide refreshments, amusements, SWAG or more
significant Pecha Kucha Contest Prizes are welcome. Please contact
us via email to

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