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> I live in a wooden house.  I suspect someone with a chainsaw would come
> through about anywhere they wanted to in less time that it takes for me
> to unlock both door locks.  Locks keep out only the lesser determined.
> It's only slightly harder to get through a brick wall.   Concrete blocks
> are a joke.  We're safe only because there isn't anyone out there
> seriously interested in getting to us or there are easier ways of
> getting what they want.
> My next house will have walls made from tight stacked shotguns with a
belt-feed ammo system.

screw wi-fi. I'm going for lead shot tattoo patterns for "data

My new wireless router is outside my firewall and uses a single outbound IP.
In order to get into my LAN, you have to ssh with port knocking rules. The
wireless uses a 192. IP scheme and my LAN does not. My router is also
completely open and free to use. With all the other routers on my street ( I
can see 12 with a signal strong enough to connect to other than mine) and
they are all "locked" with the default wep/wap/monkeycrap so no one can do
anything on the block outside their own yard ('cept me!), I figured running
my rig at the max power output and making it free to use was contrary enough
to raise eyebrows. My daughter can now get her netbook online 3 doors down
inside a brick house without the owners trying to remember their password
for her. :-)

Old rule: keep your friends close and enemies closer.
New rule: keep your friends close and absorb your enemies into the friend

James P. Kinney III
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