[ale] Gatesless Signon to ATT WorldNet Sought (fwd)

Dan Newcombe newcombe at aa.csc.peachnet.edu
Thu Aug 15 18:22:06 EDT 1996

> For what it's worth, I've currently got a worldnet account and I am able
> to pull mail, get news and access the Web (Netscape) via Linux.  As far
> as getting setup without Windows, you may have a few options.  You could

What are you using for access?  pppd?  slip?

If it is just the pppd, then I assume it would be as simple as 
figuring out the needed stuff like login prompt, password prompt, and 
any other authentication.

Not that I'm gonna switch from my free access, just curious, as I get 
asked a lot about different services.

(Basically, is it just a PPP connection?)

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