[ale] Gatesless Signon to ATT WorldNet Sought (fwd)

Geoffrey Myers geof at denali.is.net
Thu Aug 15 19:15:48 EDT 1996

}> For what it's worth, I've currently got a worldnet account and I am able
}> to pull mail, get news and access the Web (Netscape) via Linux.  As far
}> as getting setup without Windows, you may have a few options.  You could
}What are you using for access?  pppd?  slip?

pppd.   They (Worldnet) use chap authentication.  There was a page on the Web
that gave specific instructions for setting it up.  I've lost the URL, but I
have a text copy I would be glad to forward to anyone interested.  Let me
know via email.

}If it is just the pppd, then I assume it would be as simple as 
}figuring out the needed stuff like login prompt, password prompt, and 
}any other authentication.
}Not that I'm gonna switch from my free access, just curious, as I get 
}asked a lot about different services.

Well their unlimited price (as a good AT&T long distant customer) doesn't
beat my current unlimited price, plus I have a static IP and 3 meg web
space, whereas WorldNet doesn't offer either.

}(Basically, is it just a PPP connection?)

Yes, with chap authentication as I stated earlier.

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