[ale] Gatesless Signon to ATT WorldNet Sought (fwd)

Geoffrey Myers geof at denali.is.net
Thu Aug 15 17:09:57 EDT 1996

For what it's worth, I've currently got a worldnet account and I am able
to pull mail, get news and access the Web (Netscape) via Linux.  As far
as getting setup without Windows, you may have a few options.  You could
try calling Worldnet and inquirying as to the possibilities.  When I first
attempted to get Linux access, they were pretty clueless, but they worked
with me until I was able to find the right person there.  The other
possibility is you could 'borrow' someone's Window box long enough to get
your access set up and you're on your way.  I would be glad to work something
out with you, if you decide to go that route, catch is, you'd have to come
here to do it. :)  A final option would be to trustingly give someone all the
necessary info (this would include a charge card number) and have them go
through the setup for you.  Obviously, this would be someone you trust with
your credit. :)  I would start with a call to Worldnet first..  Good luck.

}Hiya --
}I would like to open up an AT&T WorldNet account, but AT&T provides
}the signup software only for MS Windows.  Sadly #8-) I don't have any
}flavor of MS Windows on my machine.  Has anyone cobbled a way to
}sign onto WorldNet with (say) a Telnet session?  I am hoping that
}once my account is active, I will be able to use Linux and PPP to
}access the account, but first I need get through the activation/signup.
}I do now use PPP to connect through an employee PPP account, so that
}part of my setup is in place and available.  Likewise I have Netscape
}and Mosaic if either of those can be used.
}(I have not yet looked at the contents of the CDROM AT&T sent me  --
} [polite] suggestions as to what I should examine therein are welcome.)
}TIA -- jmm--
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