[ale] simple question, impossible answer

Alfred Leach aleach at cisco.com
Wed Aug 7 17:12:26 EDT 1996


I'm totally frustrated (yet again) trying to configure something simple in
Linux.  All I want to do is configure the box so that a set of routes is
added each time it is booted.  I can find no trace of any information
regarding how this _should_ be done.  Obviously I can screw around with
the boot scripts and add "/usr/sbin/route add" commands, but it seems to
me that there is probably a file somewhere that holds this info.  

It seems that every time I need any info about Linux I spend _lots_ of
time pouring through stacks and stacks of documentation - does anybody
have a good way of finding answers to simple questions like this one
without resorting to requesting help and wasting all your time?  I'd
really appreciate any suggestions.  What we need is a book like "The
Definitive Guide to Where Sh*t is in Linux"...

Thanks and sorry to waste you time...

- Al

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