[ale] configuring getty for dialin logins

Bill Binko bill.binko at trcinc.com
Thu Aug 1 14:03:27 EDT 1996

dZothMuellarg wrote:
> ^S0:3:respawn:/sbin/getty ttyS0 B38400 vt100
> Ditch the vt100, not needed for the most part.
> ^Jul 31 15:26:28 aleach-pc init: Re-reading inittab
> ^Jul 31 15:26:30 aleach-pc getty[731]: Segmentation fault
> This is bad.  Are you called a bad program for getty?  Try istalling

Actually, I had this problem a while ago.  It seems that one version of
getty_ps would seg foult if you gave it invalid parameters (i.e. in the
wrong order).  I finally figured it out and it worked fine.  Check to
make sure they are correct, and try to run it from the command line just
to check it.


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