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Thu Aug 1 15:03:16 EDT 1996

In case you haven't heard, Caldera bought DR-DOS (MS-DOS clone) from 
Novell, and is now suing Microsoft for anti-trust violations.

Personally I think it's kinda an stupid lawsuit - almost seems 
just like a way of getting Caldera's name in headlines.  :(

The following was "stolen" from the July 29, 1996 issue of Information 
Noorda Takes On Microsoft Again

By Stuart J. Johnston

Ray Noorda, Novell's former CEO, is going after Microsoft again.
Noorda's Caldera Inc.bought MS-DOS clone DR-DOS from Novell last week
and then sued Microsoft, seeking damages for alleged antitrust
violations in the DOS market. The federal suit also asks the court to
require Microsoft to publish all programming interfaces in its operating
systems for 10 years and to include Caldera in betas for those systems.

The lawsuit, filed in Salt Lake City, repeats allegations made against
Microsoft by the U.S. government in litigation that Microsoft settled
last year.

As chairman of Novell in the early 1990s, Noorda bought Digital Research
and its DR-DOS, as well as WordPerfect Corp., to compete head-on with
Microsoft. Both moves were disasters for Novell, which subsequently sold
both product lines. A Microsoft spokesman downplayed the suit, saying,
"It appears this is just a rehash of the same old tired allegations that
were resolved a long time ago."

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