[ale] configuring getty for dialin logins

dZothMuellarg zot at crl.com
Thu Aug 1 13:38:05 EDT 1996

^S0:3:respawn:/sbin/getty ttyS0 B38400 vt100

Ditch the vt100, not needed for the most part.

^Jul 31 15:26:28 aleach-pc init: Re-reading inittab
^Jul 31 15:26:30 aleach-pc getty[731]: Segmentation fault

This is bad.  Are you called a bad program for getty?  Try istalling
getty_ps or mgetty.  Check you /etc/gettydefs and /etc/defualt/getty.ttyS0
copy them and put basic defaults in their place. Try uugetty instead.

^Jul 31 15:26:49 aleach-pc init: Id "S0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

This is due to the seg faults.  init has determined that getty has run
11 times in 2 minutes and declared getty as bad.  It will now wait.

^Additionally, the permisions on /dev/ttyS0 go from crw-r--r-- crw------- 
^each time "init q" is executed.  What's wrong?!?!  I've tried to 

Hmm this may be somewhat normal, I've never looked.  If you are
worried, run MAKEDEV ttyS0 to rebuild it.

^understand from the Serial-HOWTO, the RedHat Unleashed book, the relevant 
^man pages (getty, inittab, init), and various web sites I found from a 
^search, but to no avail...

First and formost, can you get minicom to work?  i.e. can you use the
serial port?  If so, can you change the parameters and such?

uugetty does port locking which allows a dial in line to be a dial out
line, this may tell you a bit more about the error.  I think getty may
have a debug mode.  Run it in debug and see when it seg faults.

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