[ale] Wired/wireless router recommendation(s)

Ken Cochran kwc at TheWorld.com
Thu Jun 9 10:18:02 EDT 2022

Thanks :)  See interspersed...
TL;DR - I might (again) just need to get something cheapo
to tie me over until I can get Something Nice, since the
Somethings Nice must be now Embedded Systems (embedded in boxes
in containers onboard ships on some body of water someplace...),
sorta like a Matryoshka hmm?  {rolls eyes} ;) -k

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> I keep wifi separate from routing.  I expect the router to
> last at least a decade and swap out the wifi AP as standards
> move forward, perhaps every 5 yrs.

Yes, What I'd Like To Do, aka put Stuff where physically needs to be.

> I gave up on non-x86-64 router hardware because it gets dropped
> from support so quickly. By sticking with nominal x86-64
> hardware ($150-ish), you'll almost always have multiple F/LOSS
> choices in routing software that is constantly maintained.
> I patch my router weekly, just like I patch other computers.

Most everything I see looks like MIPS or ARM or such {shrug},
but I see the likes of Protectli(?) that at least looks
like ok actual routers that can run pretty much anything
(i.e. bsd-based OSes).

> I never want wifi where my router is located. It needs to be
> in the center of the house while the router needs to be in a
> locked closet. With a Ubiquiti AP, running a PoE cable from
> the closet into the attic and across to the ceiling mount for
> the AP (looks like a fire alarm) is pretty trivial.

Exactly (per 1st point). To me they look kinda like flying
saucers or food bowls :).

> PoE is a great thing, just be certain you know which PoE
> standard is used by each device. There are at least 2 standards,
> probably more.

Ah, thanks, I need to fine s'more FMs to RT...

> Asus routers have been fairly good at patch support, since the
> FTC settlement forced them. I think they probably do the best
> at patching in the consumer network device.
> Quote:
> The proposed consent order will require ASUS to establish and
> maintain a comprehensive security program subject to independent
> audits for the next 20 years.
> https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2016/02/asus-settles-ftc-charges-insecure-home-routers-cloud-services-put-consumers-privacy-risk

I've been generally pleased w/Asus, at least they run the likes
of DD-WRT fine & they're available with a good bit or memory
for that. They strike me as at least better than whatcha get
in the usual/consumer retail stores. I specifically DON'T like
those (retail/showy) things that look more like funky heatsinks
designed by a graphic/comicbook artist.  (No offense to such
artists, just a wrong genre. :)

Would like to migrate to Ubiquiti but I can't find any of their
products anywhere, haven't for >a year. They have a new product
(Dream-something?) that looks exactly like what I want but
I've yet to see it available, even from Ubiquiti direct.

> That's good for us. 2036 is when the FTC oversight ends.
> And if you don't already have a UPS protecting your router,
> I would get one ASAP!  I lived in a location that was frying
> dial-up modems due to power spikes, but didn't harm anything
> else for a few years. It got old.  When I moved, I put UPSes
> in to protect sensitive equipment.

Protected by a Ferrups, as were the predecessors. What's
weird is the only thing that got popped was the *router's* WAN
port, which was connected to the cabelco's phone/cable box,
some kinda Cisco/Arris thing, which is itself just fine. The
router's LAN ports & its little internal computer/"website"
& such are just fine too.

Thanks :)

> On 6/9/22 08:12, Ken Cochran via Ale wrote:
> > Hi ALErs, Yet Again, a storm appears to have disabled the
> > WAN port on my Asus RT-AC68P, which a few years ago replaced
> > another same make/model for the same reason, which had replaced
> > a RT-N16, also for the same reason. Looks lika a pattern here...
> > So it's replacement time again & I need a Game Plan (as well
> > as a router & wifi).

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