[ale] Slightly OT: Retro-fitting Gigabit Ethernet in House?

neal at mnopltd.com neal at mnopltd.com
Fri Aug 12 09:52:57 EDT 2022

Number One Son has bought existing brick house in Austin.

He now has Google Fiber coming through the outside wall on the first 

His office is on the 2nd floor.   Yes, for his job he can make use of 
the extra speed. The only provision for ethernet is some coax of dubious 

He's wondering if any of the powerline adapters really work at gigabit 

I'm thinking the path of least resistance is to:
- Get Google installer to re-do, and bring Fiber in at the 2nd floor 
- Put Wifi router there for the rest of the house.

BUT are there other options short of pulling Cat-6?



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