[ale] not nefarious need to figure out login

Phil Turmel philip at turmel.org
Sun Nov 8 17:15:42 EST 2020

Mount it on your server or any Linux laptop.  Add new user manually to 
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow.  And new user to admin/wheel groups and/or 
sudoers file.

On 11/8/20 3:49 PM, Neal Rhodes via Ale wrote:
> So, we have a pair of Rasp Pi 3B+ running the Jacktrip Virtual Studio 
> audio software for low latency audio.
> And from the HDMI port, I can see that they have gotten an IP address.
> They actually were working pretty well, and have ceased.
> I can attempt to ssh to them and get a reply.
> Alas, the JackTrip foundation has yet to disseminate any valid 
> login/password for the Pi image they provide.
> So, I can't do anything regarding getting into the box, tailing log 
> files, checking its outbound connectivity, etc.
> Since this is my Pi, my MicroSD, I have a Centos 6 server here, several 
> notebooks, is there a way for me to either find out the password, or add 
> an additional harmless non-root user?
> regards,
> Neal.
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