[ale] Backing Up and Restoring Fedora 30 KDE Plasma Spin

Jim Kinney jim.kinney at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 21:32:20 EDT 2019

I like just tarball of /etc and /root and /home (this is a laptop) that goes periodically to an external drive. Total screw up is new install, untar, done.

There's a flag in tar (um, duh, there's 35,000,000) that is perfect for backups as it sets the backed up flag. Next tar only pull unset files. A monthly total copy resets flags. Very old school.

Or use lvm and snapshots. Then external copy to drive.

Or don't make mistakes 😝

On October 21, 2019 9:15:24 PM EDT, Jeff Hubbs via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
>You *can* try to back up a running system via tar or rsync, but it's 
>really not a safe way to go; if it's a database server and the daemon
>running while its files are read, you can forget about having a
>restorable instance.
>If you can stand the downtime, the absolute safest thing to do is to 
>bring the system down, boot it to e.g. SystemRescueCD, mount the 
>partitions readonly in the same tree arrangement that you ordinarily 
>boot with, and *then* tar or rsync the mount point contents off 
>somewhere. A hybrid alternative method is to utilize some sort of
>snapshotting (lvm or appropriate filesystem function) behavior, close 
>everything you can close down momentarily, fix your snapshot, put 
>everything back in running condition again, and then tar/rsync from the
>readonly-mounted snapshot.
>In the case of database servers it's really best to just stay clear of 
>the DBMS daemon's disk space entirely and use its dump/restore powers, 
>whether you write the dump output to the machine's own disk and then 
>back up the system a la the above or write the dump out to 
>somewhere/something else.
>Even VM snapshots need care with respect to what's running while the 
>snapshot is being taken. The basic problem is the same no matter how
>volume data is copied.
>I've heard of people running backups of system(s) and then performing a
>restore back to the same system(s) *every night*. Can't say their 
>restore process ever want untested.
>On 10/21/19 7:49 PM, Ryan Spencer via Ale wrote:
>> Ideally, I want to be able to restore my computer like how you can 
>> restore VM's with snapshots - to a previous state.
>> So far, I have checked out tools like rsync and Borg but I am 
>> uncertain of how to exactly use them in my use case. I just don't
>> to blow up my system (again... Can neither confirm nor deny that I 
>> have had to reflash Fedora back on to my computer 3 times in the span
>> of a week).

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