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DJ-Pfulio DJPfulio at jdpfu.com
Sun Oct 13 13:21:04 EDT 2019

+1 for AMD Ryzen.

Is $300 total cost or CPU-only cost?
3600x - $200
3600 - $180
2600 - $115
1600 - $80

I think I could build a system (CPU+RAM+MB) around a Ryzen 2600 for $300
(12K+ passmarks).  That's 6 cores, 12 threads.  Intel isn't anywhere
near that price/performance.  Ryzen APU models with onboard GPUs end in
'g', so 2400g.  I wouldn't want to mix AMD and nvidia GPUs on the same
system, but people mix Intel iGPUs with both all the time.

I've been reusing the same case, GPU, HDDs, and all other stuff for
years, just swapping the CPU+MB usually, but DDR4 required I get new RAM.

I think I could do $220 for the Ryzen 1600+RAM+MB if I needed to go
cheap.  That's over 10K passmarks for that price.

With Ryzen, the 'x' in the model means 95W+. Without the 'x', 65W, if
that is important to you.

If you game and that is important, it is completely different. If you
need more cores, AMD is the best game the last few years.

On 10/13/19 8:43 AM, Jim Kinney via Ale wrote:
> As always, AMD is pretty much "best bang for the buck". I'm not dealing
> with home user gear much these days but the Ryzen cpu is a fantastic
> value. If you plan to use gpu number crunchers, just make sure the x16
> slots are double width apart. Don't skimp on the power supply or case fans.
> On October 13, 2019 8:37:17 AM EDT, Jeffrey Layton via Ale <ale at ale.org>
> wrote:
>     Good morning,
>     I don't want to start an argument, particularly on a Sunday morning,
>     but I'm looking for a new "workstation" at home. I haven't built
>     anything in the last few years, so any help would be appreciated.
>     Someone is loaning me 2xNVIDIA GPUs that are x16 PCIe each. I'd like
>     to have both in a x16 slot physically and electrically. Other than
>     that, at least 4cores (more is better). Perhaps something with
>     built-in graphics (not always necessary but the two NV cards are not
>     really designed for graphics - mostly computation). I can always
>     throw in a simple inexpensive GPU. I'd like to keep the price below
>     $300 but I can go a little higher I think.
>     I don't mind AMD or Intel. I don't mind having to buy a new MB and
>     memory. With these two cards and a new CPU, I'm sure I'll have to
>     buy a new PSU (probably 1kW or greater since each GPU is about 300W).
>     To get things started, Newegg has a pretty good deal on the
>     i7-6800K. 6c/12t, 4 memory channels. Right now it's about $324
>     (https://www.newegg.com/intel-core-i7-6th-gen-core-i7-6800k/p/N82E16819117649?Item=9SIA4RE7MX7779
>     ).
>     Thanks for any and all suggestions!
>     Jeff
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