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On Mon, 04 Jun 2018 19:40:36 -0400
Joey Kelly via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> On Monday 04 June 2018 11:30:52 Tory Deron via Ale wrote:
> > I went ahead last night and pulled down all my data and deleted my
> > Github account.
> > 
> > Just… no.  
> Well, if it ain't been said yet, if you have open source code with a
> good license and watch your checksums and pull requests, you might be
> alright, for a while. But anything proprietary, you're a fool to
> stay, and possibly a fool for having put it there in the first place.
> ...but what bothers me is, where are we supposed to go now, and why
> so soon? Dice at Slashdot, along with SourceForge and Freshmeat. We
> know they trojanned many SF downloads, and totally killed off
> everyone's favorite repo (Freshmeat). Now we have to leave GitHub?
> I'm getting a little tired of having to move every time I turn around.

I'm considering hosting my Stylz git repository on my desktop computer,
hopefully in a chroot jail or something like that. I'll have the git
http server so folks can be guided in git clone, and I'll have ssh key
accounts for the few with actual commit rights.

My main concern is I don't know how to do the security.


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