[ale] USB disk enclosures?

Leam Hall leamhall at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 04:59:58 EST 2017

I've bought a couple Rosewill enclosures and usually things have gone 
okay. Then one came with a noisy fan. I contacted Rosewill and offered 
to make it easy, I'd replace the fan myself. Eventually they sent me a 
replacement fan that didn't work at all. Contacted them again and they 
said send them the enclosure, they'd look at it for 2-5 days, and if it 
was their fault send me another.

Of course that means backups to that drive would be unavailable for 2-3 
weeks. If their Customer Support had been supportive I'd stick with 
them. It felt like they wanted me to be glad they answered the e-mails 
within a couple days.

So I find myself looking for a new enclosure brand. Any suggestions? I 
need something that can handle the 4-8 TB range WD Red 3.5 inch disks.


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