[ale] Serious: Comcast Business vs Residential

Scott M. Jones eff at dragoncon.org
Fri Nov 13 12:17:37 EST 2015

AT&T has a new east coast (onshore) U-Verse only support number.

Is this the number you called?

I had to replace one NVG599 with another due to wireless problems.  But
now that's it's replaced, everything's working perfectly.

They came out the same day that the ticket was entered.

On 11/13/15 10:33 AM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> As an aside, I have att Uverse. My internet went out yesterday.. Called.
> Recorded message said network outage. That was 1pm.. I called back at 4
> and got the id10t at the call center, who couldn't reboot my router so
> they made an apt for this morning. He replaced my ngv589 with a newer
> ngv599. Now my dell laptop can connect wirelessly. Before it would
> connect then instantly drop. I thought it was th brain dead Broadcom
> card, so I just stayed connected via wired port. Now wireless works!!!
> And I have my tv.phone.internet back..

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