[ale] More HAProxy

Robert L. Harris robert.l.harris at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 15:58:59 EDT 2015

I'm making progress on the Database proxy, waiting on a dev box I can test

  On a separate but related note, I need to proxy in front of a Remote
Desktop server.  Config is up and happy enough to start up with a very
simple config ( removed additional backends for now );

frontend  ServerFront
    bind *:3389
    acl rdpfarm         dst_port 3339
    use_backend rdpfarm if rdpfarm

backend rdpfarm
    balance     roundrobin
    server  rdpfarm1 pco-vm-bard-11:3389 check
    server  rdpfarm2 pco-vm-bard-12:3389 check

RDP is up and running because I can hit the bard-11 and bard-12 directly
but when I hit the Linux HA proxy ( either direct or KeepaliveD VIP ) I get
an error from my rdesktop client ( Linux )

ERROR: expected CC, got 0x0

Yeah,google's not a lot of help yet.

Any thoughts?

   ( P.S. Who is admining the list now?  I'm only getting 1 or 2 emails a
week from ALE, I didn't get any of the replies to my last email, I'm having
to monitor PIPER )
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