[ale] Zimbra - OT SugarCRM

Chris Fowler cfowler at outpostsentinel.com
Wed Aug 13 15:34:17 EDT 2014

On 08/11/2014 08:36 AM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> Back in January we apparently began using a company for SugarCRM instead of ACT!:
> www.atcoresystems - number on their site is 770-466-0722
> they gave us a hosted Ubuntu system and we had to point our CRM domain to that.  I do NOT have to administer either the Ubuntu or the Sugar CRM even though my team does all the UNIX/Linux here.

Do you have SQL access?  I have some programs written in Perl that 
allows me to generate reports, assign accounts, etc.

I assign accounts via Perl.  I provide it the user and the account. It 
will comb the database looking for calls, meetings, notes, etc. Anything 
that has to do with the account and then assign it to the user.  It then 
sends out an email to the user telling them they have been assigned that 

When the sales guys send me leads from shows in XLS format I run a 
program I wrote that uses SQL access to create leads, emails, etc from 
that list.

Most of my interactions with Sugar is outside of the web interface.

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