[ale] VPS providers

Jeremy T. Bouse jeremy.bouse at undergrid.net
Thu Jan 21 22:19:51 EST 2010

James Sumners wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience with Linode (linode.com)?
> I'm looking to move away from shared hosting. I narrowed my selection
> of VPS providers to Media Temple (mediatemple.com), Slice Host
> (slicehost.com), and Linode. Media Temple is expensive, so I'm
> considering the other two first. Of those, I've read that Slice Host
> is experiencing problems.
> Before I commit, I figured I would find out if anyone here has any
> experience with them.
> Thanks.

	I'm using Linode for one of my client's projects at the moment and have
been quite impressed with them thus far. I've used VPSFarm in the past
but left them as their only payment method was PayPal but they had a
pretty automated like Linode, but didn't have near the features as
Linode control panel. For price and service I haven't found anyone
better than Linode thus far.

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