[ale] memory check in bios

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Sat Feb 28 09:11:06 EST 2004

I've got this older box I'm trying to resurrect, it's a k5-400.  I'm 
seeing something weird I've never seen before.  When I go into the bios, 
any keyboard actions are delayed substantially.  Further, when it used 
to do it's memory check on boot, it would quickly cycle through the 
memory until it reached the max, then boot.  Now when it boots, it will 
cycle through the memory a bit, the stall, start up again, stall and so 
on until it's run to the max.

Anyone ever see anything like this?  Memory test is next....

Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft

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