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For Any politically minded geeks seeking work.........

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:09:23 -0800
From: "Wes Boyd, MoveOn.org" <moveon-help at list.moveon.org>
Subject: MoveOn's "Geek Organizer" Online Job Fair

Dear MoveOn member,

Are you an organization that's working to use technology the way
MoveOn does, to help people connect and mobilize? Are you having
trouble finding the right people to make it happen?

Are you one of those people who could fill this need?

Today is your opportunity to make the connection.

Within our team, we've identified a crucial role we call
(affectionately) the Geek Organizer. No, that's not an organizer of
geeks. It's a person who combines the leadership and communication
skills of a political organizer with the technical skills of a
computer nerd. How rare are these people? We don't know. But we know
they exist, because we've built our organization around them.

At MoveOn.org, we need these people, right now. And we know that among
our contacts are many progressive organizations that have a similar
immediate need. We're betting that among our membership we have the
talent we're looking for. So we'd like to invite you to join us in an
experiment: A two-week campaign to identify Geek Organizers and match
them to opportunities in the community. It's a virtual job fair.

Week 1: Postings. For the coming week, we're inviting organizations
and individuals to step up and identify themselves.

Organizations: Geek Organizers Wanted. Organizations describe their
opportunities by filling out a simple form. They'll post a job
description and a synopsis of what their organization's about.  No
cost, no obligation. To post an opportunity for a Geek Organizer type,
click here:


Individuals: Take the Geek Organizer self-test. If you have what it
takes to be a Geek Organizer, why not raise your hand? (We'll respect
the confidentiality of your job search by holding your contact
information securely. No resumes at this stage - just a personal
statement to show off your writing skills.) To take the Geek Organizer
self-test and join the job fair, click here:


We'll be taking sign-ups through Wednesday, March 3.

Week 2: Introductions. We'll match talent to opportunities and
facilitate anonymous contact through our web site. If you posted an
opportunity or a personal profile, expect mail from us next week with
a list of matches.

We are just making introductions here, *not* pre-screening candidates.
But we know there's a lot of talent out there, and we hope we can put
some of it to work where it's needed most.

We do ask you to let us know <mailto:jobfair at moveon.org> if you hire
anybody through this program. It'll encourage us to do it again.

    What makes a Geek Organizer?

    * Leadership instincts. They know the levers to pull and the right time to do it. They know when 10 Letters to the Editor will turn the tide and when 1000 phone calls to a senator won't. It's political jujitsu.
    * Technology savvy. HTML, mass e-mail, and databases are the tools of the trade.
    * Communications skills. None of the above is useful if you can't craft a message that moves people to action.

In our experience, this potential is often underutilized. Some are
programmers by day and bloggers by night. Others work for a nonprofit,
then get their technology release by running a family website. But
when they can apply both halves of their brains to the same job, they
can do extraordinary things.

    Spread the word.

If you know somebody who ought to be a Geek Organizer, or know an
organization that needs one, forward this mail or invite them to the
job fair through our web site:


Obviously, the more the merrier.


- Wes Boyd, Joan Blades, and Jack Eastman
  MoveOn.org Geek Organizers.


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