[ale] FW: Do you want the new FEMLAB tour cd?

Greg runman at speedfactory.net
Fri Feb 27 19:36:54 EST 2004

I thought that some on *this* list might be interested.  I think I got some
positive feedback the last time I saw this offer on the misc at openbsd list
and forwarded it.  It looks interesting and fun, but I have enough here to
keep me busy.


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Subject: Do you want the new FEMLAB tour cd?

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to offer you the latest FEMLAB tour CD.  The CD
contains models and case studies presented during the worldwide
FEMLAB seminar tour last fall. On the CD are documents detailing
34 completely new finite element models, plus the actual FEMLAB
model files. Most of the models have not been published before.

If you are interested in receiving the CD free of charge,
please register at http://www.comsol.com/tourcd/

This offer will be valid as long as we still have CDs.

FEMLAB is a powerful multiphysics modeling package using finite
element analysis in 1D, 2D and 3D, and is fully integrated with
MATLAB. It is used in research, product development and teaching,
in such fields as:

   - Acoustics
   - Antennas
   - Bioscience
   - Bioengineering
   - Chemical reactions
   - Diffusion
   - Ecology
   - Electromagnetics
   - Environmental science
   - Fluid dynamics
   - Fuel cells
   - Geophysics
   - Heat transfer
   - Math/Applied PDEs
   - MEMS
   - Microwave engineering
   - Nanotechnology
   - Optics and photonics
   - Physics
   - Porous media flow
   - Quantum mechanics
   - Radio frequency components
   - Semiconductor devices
   - Structural mechanics
   - Transport phenomena
   - Wave propagation
   - Any combination of the above

Best Regards,
Mike Feng

P.S. Feel free to forward this to a colleague.


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