[ale] HTML font setting for kmail?

William Bagwell rb211 at tds.net
Fri Feb 27 13:06:34 EST 2004

On Friday 27 February 2004 12:28 pm, Michael D. Hirsch wrote:

> Can you be more explicit?  Where does the drop down come from?

Settings, Configure Kmail, Appearance, Fonts tab, then check the "Use 
custom fonts" box.  Should be self explanatory from there.

> If I click on one of my email parts in my Message Structure Viewer all
> I get are three disposition options: Save, Save as Encoded, Save All
> Attachments.

Hmm, I was viewing them in a folder with "Prefer HTML to Plain Text" 
selected, none had / were showing as attachments.  That might be the 
difference...  Will disconnect and go play with some settings.  (I never 
open my Trash folder, or any untrusted HTML while connected.)

> If instead I choose to view the HTML attachment and them right click on
> it I get the standard message drop down asking me with the addition of
> a "Use fixed font" and "View Source".

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