[ale] Deep inside the K Desktop Environment 3.2

Jim Philips jcphil at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 24 20:48:27 EST 2004

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On Tuesday 24 February 2004 02:41 pm, Michael D. Hirsch wrote:
> I've been having a gas playing with kde 3.2 the last couple of weeks.  I
> heartily recommend an upgrade to anyone using one of the older versions. 
> If you are a redhat user, the sourceforge redhat/kde project files work
> well for me <http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net/>.  They are in the testing
> tiectories, but have been quite stable for me.  And they supply rpms for
> everything since 7.3, which is pretty cool.

This new release offers the best desktop environment I've used on any 
platform. The biggest problem with KDE at the moment is trying to unpack 
everything it can do. I can do 90% of what I do on the computer either in 
Kontact or Konqueror. Konqueror has been vastly improved by the Safari 
development effort. If it weren't for some Javascript weirdness in it, I 
would even trash Mozilla. The interactive spell-checking is something no 
other desktop offers. It's great to have spell-checking when you're filling 
in forms on Web sites--especially if you're applying for a job! Plus, I got a 
Google search bar in Konqueror now that I got from a CVS version. And KDE is 
faster than it used to be too. The Linux experience has never been better for 
me. And if you don't have Amarok, get it. It's one of the best mp3 players 
around. It made me dump Xmms.  
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