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J o n K e t t e n h o f e n jonkettenhofen at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 14:57:22 EST 2004

You may be able to specify a kernel option for lilo in /boot/lilo.conf
if you are using lilo to boot.  To determine the option, you may need
to read the ramdisk documentation in the kernel source code.  If you
do not have the source, you can get the source for a similar kernel
from www.kernel.org.  You may also upgrade the kernel and build it
with the default ramdisk size being what you need.

I have RH9 (and use the grub bootloader) with the Ximian desktop and
have successfully built and loaded the latest kernel, 2.6.2, with
a 16,384 K ramdisk.

>Greetings !
>Trying to install Yard-2.2 on Debian, I'm getting the following 
>error when I run..........
>		make_root_fs
>I get the following response...........
>RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 RAM disks of 4096K size 1024 blocksize
>You've declared file system size (fs_size) to be 8192 K
>but Linux says /dev/ram0 may only hold 4096 K
>(Increase ramdisk size in lilo.conf)
>My entry in /etc/lilo.conf is......
>What's wrong and how is it remedied ?
>Thank you.
>Courtney Thomas
>s/v Mutiny
>lying Oriental, NC
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