[ale] what open source webmail software do you use?

John Wells jb at sourceillustrated.com
Tue Dec 28 21:29:20 EST 2004

Bob Toxen <bob at verysecurelinux.com> said:

> Please do post what you learn.  I too am using Squirrelmail but I'm open
> to fancier (but easy to install and maintain) solutions.

As promised.

I've just install Horde 3, the brand spanking new release of horde, along with
the latest version of horde imp, kronolith, turba, nag, mnemo.  This new
release brings a very long list of new features.

It kicks squirrelmail to the curb, as far as features and interface go.  VERY
SLICK.  Everything I've looked for in a webmail client and more.

Only drawback I've found is that performance out of the box is slower than
squirrelmail.  I've sped it up some with the imap proxy at www.imapproxy.org,
but it's still a tad slower.  Next step is to hit the mailing lists, irc, or
actually *read* the documentation to see if I can determine a missed
configuration setting, etc.

You can see a screenshot of what my imp setup looks like here:


Hope this helps.  I'd be interested in hearing your experiences, as well.


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