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Nathan J. Underwood ale1 at cybertechcafe.net
Thu Aug 19 13:32:49 EDT 2004

I'm using dosemu for an application, but haven't had any trouble with 
it.  The directory that the version of dos (I'm using the stock freedos, 
but got it to work with MS DOS 6.2 also) is in is generally your c:\ 
drive.  What does the prompt that you're trying to install Quake under 
look like (i.e. is it still a $ or # prompt, or is it a c:\ prompt)?  If 
it's not the latter, have you typed 'dosemu' to start the emulator (I 
know that this may seem obvious, and don't mean to offend, but just want 
to be certain).
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Jim Seymour wrote:
> Hi All,
> Decided I want to try to run Doom and Quake under dosemu. When I try to
> install Doom (for example) I get a message that neither "C" nor the
> directory for Doom exist and the install can go no further. I guess I
> need to create a "C" directory and tell dosemu where it is. If this is
> right could someone provide me with a pointer. I have looked at the
> config options for dosemu however nothing stands out as the setting I
> need to adjust or how. This is a Debian system if that makes any
> difference.
> Many Thanks,
> Jim Seymour
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